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Our Gospel Vision 


We are a gospel-centred, Bible-teaching church for Folkestone and the surrounding area of Kent

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Why Are We Here?

Redeemer Church Folkestone exists to bring glory to God, by proclaiming the Good News about Jesus Christ, teaching the whole Bible, and living for Christ in every area of life.



As human beings we exist to glorify God and enjoy him forever. And we do this not because he needs us, but because of the great God he is and the great salvation he has accomplished for us. So at Redeemer Church we want to bring glory, honour and praise to God; to point to him and make him known. That is why we exist as a church. We exist for him. 


We bring glory to God as we proclaim the Good News about Jesus Christ as a church. This requires prayerful dependence on God, and for each member of the church to get stuck in and serve in our different ways as we seek to make disciples and play our part in the fulfilment of the 'Great Commission Mission.' It’s the Good News about Jesus that people need to be saved, and it’s this same gospel that we all need to grow as disciples of Christ. So at Redeemer Church we proclaim the Good News. We are a gospel-centred church.


We bring glory to God as we teach the whole Bible. The Bible is the word of God, and we all need to hear what God has said in the Scriptures. That means the normal pattern at Redeemer Church is expository preaching and teaching - going through books of the Bible, section by section, bit by bit, in order to hear God's word and respond to it in our lives. At Redeemer Church we love God and so we love his word. We are a Bible-teaching church.


We bring glory to God as we live for Christ in every area of life. Sundays are the highlight of the week! But we don’t want to be ‘Sunday Christians.’ We want to be a community of God's people who genuinely love God and one another; and let the gospel shape and impact every part of our lives. We don't just want to make disciples, but to be disciples who seek to obey everything Jesus has commanded us - in our homes, workplaces, and wherever the Lord has placed us, Monday to Sunday. So at Redeemer Church we preach and teach: ‘All of Christ, for all of life, from all of Scripture.’

Planning your Visit